Impact of KVK

Farmers of all three villages ie Sariatal, Chopra and Rusi, followed the instructions and guidelines as given by KVK Scientists and now almost whole of the farmers of villages have adopted the variety Pant Haritima with IPM techniques and convinced by the results of demonstration trials. The farmers of above villages have started growing of Pant Hartima. As a result a huge demand of this variety arises. In different Kissan melas and Gosthi KVK has sold around 2 quintals of seed of this variety. Farmers like Sri Ratan Singh Bohra, Sri Khusal Singh, Sri Kundan Singh and many them has now growing this crop in 20 nali each as against the 8-10 nali earlier. Farmers are now earning a amount of 2000-2400 nail from a total duration of 2-3 months.


Treatment Disease Incidence Wilt (%) Yield q/ha.)
Farmer Practice (Local Variety) 26.5 40.0
Pant Haritima 22.0 25.0
Local variety+IPM techniques (use of bioagents) 20.0 44.2
Pant Haritima+IPM techniques (Use of bioagents) 5.6 60.4

Monitory Gain

Treatment Cost of cultivation Rs./ha. Gross Return Rs./ha. Net Return Rs./ha. B:C Ratio
1 27000/- 100000 73000 3.70
2 29000/- 112500 83500 3.87
3 28000/- 110500 82500 3.95
4 30500/- 151000 120500 4.95

Title : Use of water carrying bag for drudgery reduction


Stress/load on head and hands, less efficiency and more time consuming practice is for farm women by carrying water on heads in metal container. It was found fetching of water not only consumes much of their time but also slow down their efficiency. Women of villages Serna and Jadapani namely Smt. Shobha Devi, Smt. Manohari Devi, Smt. Radhika Devi (Serna), Smt. Champa Devi, Smt. Bhagirathi Devi, Smt. Gita Devi, Smt. Kunti Devi Smt. Shanti Devi (Jadapani) contacted to the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jeolikote (Nainital) and requested them to solve the problem of carrying water which they are facing since last many years. Based on this a team of scientists from KVK visited in Serna and Jadapani villages and understand their problems.

KVK Intervention

The strips of water basgs provided by AICRP FRM were made up of Nylon was not durable and secondly the Cane was breakable.

KVK has developed the Strips made up of Cotton strips with more density to avoid the breakage of it. Unbreakable Canes were used to enhance the life of Water carrying bags.

Main features of the Water Carrying Bags.

  1. Capacity : 22 liter.
  2. Cane body transparency .
  3. Due to cotton strips it is soften to carry load.
  4. Equal distribution of weight among head, neck and back of the body.
  5. More frequent to carry water from the water source.
  6. Less time taken in fetching water from water source.


Women of villages Serna, Jadapani followed the instructions and guidelines as given by KVK scientists and now mostly people of above villages have adopted water carrying bags and convinced by the results of demonstration. Now farmers of Serna, Jadapani, Bhaluti and Skuna also demanding water carrying bags refined by KVK.