District Profile

Description of Agro climatic Zones and farming situations of the District

The farming system of district Nainital is generally an integration of food grains, vegetables, fruits and livestock production system. Cows and Buffalo are the main livestock of the villages. The major contribution for sustainable production is dependent on 85-95 percent area, which is rainfed.

Four farming situations have been identified based on the elevation, irrigation, soil type and vegetation. A brief description of these situations is given below.

S.N. Farming Situation Altitude(m) Soil Principal Crops
1 Bhabar plain including foot hills 400-600 Sandy loam Rice, wheat, maize, soybean, ragi, zinger, lentil, pea, tomato, cole crops, brinjal, bhindi, guava, jackfruit.
2 Lower hills (Rainfed & Irrigated) 600-1200 Alluvial sandy loam Rice, wheat, soybean, maize, tomato, potato, cauliflower, frenchbean, mango, lime, peach & pear.
3 Mid hills (Rainfed & Irrigated) 1200-1700 Brown forest soil Rice, wheat, ragi, potato, tomato, french bean, pea, capsicum, cole crops, madira, peach, plum, pear, chilli, maize, gahat, bhat, citrus.
4 High hills (Rainfed) 1700-2500 Red black clay French bean, potato, cabbage, pea, apple, pear, walnut.